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Your brain is a vastly interesting object. In fact, it is likely one of the most complex things in the universe. However, the brain can ultimately be divided into two distinct yet connected systems: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is your logical mind. It receives information from your five senses. It is where you think and rationalize. Logic rules the day in the conscious mind. However, the conscious mind does not control our actions. Our actions are almost exclusively controlled by the subconscious mind. This mind is largely ruled by emotions and instinct. Its job is to help us meet our needs and urges: reproduction, food, thirst, safety, intimacy, and many others. It is a very powerful force. It doesn’t reason or judge; it simply acts, often commanding your actions.

Together, these two minds work together to determine your actions. They can bring you success or failure, happiness or anxiety, achievement or frustration. It is all in the way you use them. You cannot outperform your image of yourself that is stored in the subconscious mind. This is what often prevents us from succeeding. Have you ever not asked someone on a date for fear of them saying no? Or not applied for a job because you feared failure? This is the subconscious mind at work. If we do not have an image of our success in the unconscious mind, achieving consistent success is practically impossible.

Did you know that your brain is constantly changing? The conscious and subconscious minds are carefully wired together. Old connections are continually breaking and new ones forming. In fact, one of the things that determines how these connections form are your thoughts. You can use your conscious mind to shape your unconscious mind by overriding it. This is not an easy process. It requires consistency. But it can be done.

How do you rewire your mind for success? The process is quite simple:

1. Decide today what you want in life.
2. Envision yourself as obtaining that goal.
3. Find techniques that work for you such as meditation and affirmations.
4. Begin moving towards your goals, celebrating your progress along the way.
5. Remember that failures are simply ways to learn, further teaching your mind to pursue success.

Once you begin training your unconscious mind to support your goals and desires, you will be on the way to success. Your brain will start building new connections that empower you to pursue your goals. Your fear and anxiety will diminish. In their place, you’ll find confidence and resolve. Remember that this must be a continuous, active process. Keep it up and you’ll reach your dreams!

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