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Is your child stugging to retain what they are learning in school?

Use our questionnaire to see if Cogmed could be a permanent solution and help your child develop their working memory without medication.

Help your child enjoy school and learning in a whole new way!

Working memory difficulties are often found alongside ADHD, Dyslexia and other developmental and learning difficulties. In fact all of us have working memory limits, but when it interferes with educational progress and frustrates every day productivity, it is good to know that you can do something about it.


What you CAN do to HELP


Change the environment by reducing the information overload – fewer instructions, less demands.


Teach strategies to help children cope, such as: writing things down, asking for simple instructions & routines.


Not the gym kind of work out but more of a brain work out. Strengthen the working memory capacity with practice.

“An eight year-old girl was having difficulty focusing in class and during homework. She often rushed through her work and made careless mistakes as a result. She would forget instructions from her parents and teachers, and had a lot of trouble staying on task to complete her assignments. In addition, the girl had trouble controlling her emotions. It was when the girl was diagnosed with ADHD and the family had started her on medications that the girl’s mother came across Cogmed.

The mother, who is a teacher, was well aware of the importance of helping a child with ADHD as early as possible, so she started her daughter on Cogmed with the hope of turning some of her attention issues around. The daughter cheerfully attended to the Cogmed training program with unusual eagerness for her age. Within a short period of time, the daughter showed improvement in her ability to control her emotions and frustration. She also has improved significantly in school. Having done Cogmed training in the summer, the daughter got off to an excellent start in the new school year. She is improving in all subjects and getting A’s and B’s on all of her tests. She has also been writing in her planner every day to stay organized, which had never happened before.”

– Girl Age 8, Honolulu, Hawaii

“This young boy from Northern California had great difficulty remembering what he heard and could only follow one step instructions. As his principal said – “He consistently forgot to take his homework home and if he remembered to take his homework home, he would forget to bring it back – then, even if he remembered to bring it back, he would forget to turn it in”. The boy was disorganized and had a hard time starting and completing tasks. He was always misplacing his things and often talked in class, causing him to be disruptive throughout the day.

Because of his attention problems, the boy was at least a grade level behind his peers in reading fluency and comprehension, and was selected to go through the Cogmed training program.

His teacher first started to notice a change when the boy began completing and turning in assignments without being reminded. A couple months later, the teacher and the boy’s classmates noticed a big change in his reading fluency. One day after he finished reading a passage, a classmate said, “No offense, but you are so much better at reading now.”

The boy has continued to make great progress. His auditory memory has improved to the point where he can easily remember three step instructions. He has become much more organized and is able to begin and complete tasks without getting distracted or talking and being disruptive.

As the boy’s principal said – “His reading fluency improved 2.3 grade levels in 5 months – this far out paces the norm. His reading comprehension improved one grade level in this same period which still out paces the norm”.

His principal also noted during the training, that the boy got a 100% on a spelling test. When the principal asked if he thought that Cogmed training had anything to do with his success, he said, “Ya! I’ve never done that before. I didn’t even have to study – I just looked at the words and I knew them.”

– Boy Age 8, Northern California

“This young woman was incapacitated by ADHD since she was a little girl and always struggled in school. She also suffered from a lying problem. She was disorganized and could never budget enough time to complete everything that she needed to get done. In the mornings, she always hoped to exercise, eat breakfast, and get ready for school with plenty of time left over – but it was common for her to run out of time having only completed one or two of the steps. She went on medication when she was a little girl and even though they helped curb some of her attention problems, they didn’t address all of her issues – namely with time management. She did the Cogmed training program and responded very well. After training, she was much better able to keep track of time and manage all of her responsibilities. In the mornings, she could follow through on all of her different steps without missing one and leaving plenty of time to get to school. In addition to the improvement in time management, the girl’s grades improved and she was lying much less than before.

– Girl Age 14, Cleveland, Ohio

Complete the questionnaire below to see if Cogmed is right for your child.

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