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Get ADHD Counselling in Australia by Psychologists at Kare Psychology

Do you ever struggle with staying focused, finishing tasks, or controlling impulses? You are not alone, but there is no need to worry.

Many Australians have Adult ADHD, but they often don’t know about it as it can go undiagnosed. Struggling to manage the symptoms is common among these adults. At Kare Psychology, we understand the challenges of Adult ADHD. So, we offer comprehensive assessment and treatment services tailored to your specific needs.

What is ADHD?

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects millions of adults all around the world. ADHD starts in childhood and persists into adulthood. It affects focus, attention, organization, and emotional regulation.

Signs and Symptoms of Adult ADHD

– Difficulty maintaining focus or concentrating
– Being impulsive and taking quick actions or decisions
– Frequent restlessness or fidgeting
– Difficulty in managing time due to disorganization
– Difficulty in completing tasks or following instructions
– Completely forgetting tasks or having trouble remembering them
– Emotional dysregulation, like irritability or mood swings

Benefits of a Clinical ADHD Assessment

Gaining self-understanding

An ADHD assessment will help you understand why you face difficulties and challenges and how they relate to your neurodiversity.


Getting the required support

With an ADHD assessment, you will understand the treatment options and how those can be used to improve your life.


Empowering yourself

When a psychologist helps you understand ADHD, you can develop coping mechanisms and strategies. This helps you thrive in different environments.

Adult ADHD Assessment

If you want to find out why you have Adult ADHD, our psychologists offer a detailed assessment using advanced clinical methods or you can start with a screen for ADHD.

Our ADHD Assessment Process

Free initial 15 minute consultation
During this confidential meeting, we discuss everything related to ADHD, like your symptoms, concerns, and complete a brief checklist of symptoms. We make you comfortable and assure you that our clinic has an excellent reputation and friendly psychologists to support you.
Comprehensive evaluation
This includes cognitive assessment (only where relevant), standardized test, normed questionnaire, and a detailed personal and medical history review. No one will judge you as we respect confidentiality. This can take several appointments to complete.
Personalised feedback

We offer a detailed and comprehensive report outlining your diagnosis, recommendations, and treatment options.

Collaborative care
We want to meet your needs and goals. So, we work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan.

Treatment Options for Adults with ADHD


Individual or group therapy will help you control emotions, improve communication, and acquire coping skills.


We offer practical strategies and support to improve time management, organization, and daily life skills.


Some medications help in improving concentration and focus and reducing impulsivity.

Why Choose Kare Psychology?

Friendly, reputable and experienced psychologists

Our psychologists specialise in Adult ADHD assessment and treatment. They are friendly, knowlegable, and empathetic.

Collaborative approach
With our thorough ADHD psychological assessment, we understand your specific preferences and needs.
Celebrate neurodiversity
We embrace and celebrate neurodiversity to create an inclusive and safe space for you.
Evidence-based practices
You won’t have to worry about anything once you know more about our latest and most effective treatment methods.

What Next?

If you’re experiencing symptoms of Adult ADHD and want to explore treatment options, contact Kare Psychology today. We provide FREE 15 minutes ADHD screening and offer services in Brunswick, Victoria, Melbourne and Australia Wide (offering telehealth for those that can’t attend in-person).

Our psychologists will happily answer all your queries and address your concerns. Let us help you understand your ADHD, and then we will develop treatment strategies according to your condition and needs.

Schedule a free consultation today with our empathetic and expert psychologists.

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