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Is Your Child Struggling with Attention, Learning, or Hyperactivity?

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Get a Child ADHD Assessment at Kare Psychology

We have a team of expert Melbourne Psychologists.

Your child might be easily distracted, have difficulty focusing in school, or show impulsive behaviours. These could potentially be signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It’s a neurodevelopmental condition that affects many children worldwide.

At Kare Psychology, we offer comprehensive child ADHD assessments. We help families identify their child’s strengths and challenges and develop effective treatment strategies.

Understanding Child ADHD

ADHD can significantly affect your child’s life. Children can be inattentive, hyperactive, and show impulsiveness. The symptoms vary in intensity and how they impact lives. They can affect emotional well-being, social interactions, and academic performance.

Does My Child Need a Clinical ADHD Assessment?

Consider opting for an ADHD psychological assessment if you notice these struggles in your child:
– Frequent moving around, fidgeting, or being unable to sit still
– Difficulty in doing homework or staying focused
– Losing things, forgetting tasks, or having difficulty organizing belongings
– Impulsive actions such as interrupting others or blurting out answers
– Difficulty in managing frustration, frequent mood swings, or strong emotions
– Excessive talking or difficulty taking turns in conversations

Our Child ADHD Assessment Process

Free 15 minute Clinical ADHD screening

We talk about your concerns, your child’s behaviour, and their development history. In this way, we ensure that you and we are on the same page.

Comprehensive evaluation

We administer and complete standardized tests, parent and teacher reports, and clinical observations.

Detailed feedback

We provide a detailed comprehensive report outlining our findings, diagnoses, and recommendations.

Collaborative support

We work with you, your child, and psychologists to develop a specific treatment option.

Benefits of Early Child ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment

Improved academic performance

In-time support and intervention help children with ADHD to reach their full potential and excel in school.

Enhanced social skills

Early intervention also helps in the development of necessary social skills in children with ADHD. This aids them in building healthy relationships with others.

Increased self-esteem

When children understand their potential, they can advocate for themselves and develop positive self-beliefs.

Reduced stress and anxiety

Early intervention also helps in managing emotions and preventing other mental health issues.

Our Psychological Assessments


Learning & Achievement assessment


Hyperactivity assessment


Memory assessment


Depression assessment


Inattention assessment


Executive function assessment


Anxiety assessment


Autism spectrum disorder assessment screen


And many more

Take the First Step for a Bright Future of Your Child

If you think that your child has ADHD, feel free to contact us at Kare Psychology in Melbourne. Our team of expert psychologists specializes in child development and ADHD assessment. We will provide a FREE 15 minute initial screen assessment and discuss your concerns while providing answers to your queries. Let us help you understand your children’s strengths and challenges to reach their full potential.

We know the importance of creating a welcoming and friendly space where children feel comfortable and understood. Schedule a free consultation today with our empathetic and expert psychologists.

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